How to install pvc wall decorative panels

PVC wall panels are a good choice for wall decoration. The overall decoration effect is very high-end and the price is affordable. You need to learn some professional knowledge when installing, so that the decoration construction can be faster and the decoration effect can be guaranteed. Let me introduce to you, how to install pvc wall decoration board?


1. How to install pvc wall decoration board

1. When decorating, you can choose the dry suspension type, including fixing the keel on the bottom wall first, and connecting the decorative heat insulation board with the keel through metal joints or special anchors. The joints between the joints can be sealed by the external wall insulation system of extruded board, benzene board or rock wool. fill in.

2. The fully fitted type is more suitable for internal wall insulation projects. Therefore, during the installation of the external thermal insulation system, the integrated decorative thermal insulation board and the bottom wall are only connected by bonding or complete bonding, which is called a fully bonded type. The manual method must be determined according to the design requirements of the specific structure. Use special joint mortar or other materials to fill the space between the joints.

3. The combination of anchor rod and anchor rod is mainly based on construction requirements. The external thermal insulation system of the thermal insulation decorative board is combined with the joint and the anchor rod to fix the thermal insulation decorative board on the wall. The base is combined with a fully bonded and dry pendant, and it is widely used in engineering.

2. Introduction to the advantages of pvc wall

1. The biggest advantage is its light weight. The workers were very relaxed during construction. It has good heat insulation and heat preservation function. Use PVC wall decoration board. In a sense, it is also very friendly to the environment. The house is winter. Summer is warm and cool, eliminating the need for air conditioning and saving a lot of energy, but it also has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, kitchen or bathroom ceilings or decorative walls.

2. Decorative PVC wall panels have high stability and good dielectric properties. After long-term use, it is more durable than other wall decoration materials. He is not afraid of glare and sunlight. It has good anti-aging properties. It is easy to weld in the mouth and has high adhesion to the wall.

3. High structure, high bending strength, strong impact resistance, high elongation at break, saving materials after finishing decoration, not easy to cause waste and saving decoration cost. The pvc wall decoration board has a smooth surface, bright colors, diverse patterns, extremely rich decorative effects, and a wide range of decorative applications.

4. The construction process is very simple, it is very convenient to start installation at home, and the installation is very convenient. PVC wall decoration board is easy to clean in daily life. He is not afraid of any soup or children who do graffiti at will. Just wipe gently with a damp cloth to restore cleanliness.

5. PVC wall decoration board is a plastic decoration material. The PVC board is made of a honeycomb mesh structure. Because of its specifications, colors and patterns, it is very decorative, also known as decorative film, which can be used for indoor wall and ceiling decoration, and is widely used in different styles of home decoration.

Post time: Oct-12-2020