PVC wall covering can be so beautiful!

Since ancient times, mankind’s pursuit of “beauty” has not stopped. As early as the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 18th century, Swedish nobles and wealthy merchants began to use wall coverings as interior decorations. The styles were cashmere wall coverings, Gobelin wall coverings, and gilding. Leather wall coverings, velvet satin wall coverings, etc., to show their identity. Later, simulated wall coverings (cotton textiles) became popular among civilians and became all the rage.


Nowadays, with the continuous progress of production technology, the types of wallpaper wall coverings continue to increase. With its own flame retardant, antibacterial, mildew, waterproof and antifouling functions, PVC wall coverings are more adapted to the needs of various environments and meet the needs of modern people The practical needs of the building create a warm, comfortable and healthy environment for people, which is unmatched by other wall decoration materials.

However, some people jokingly claim that PVC wall covering cannot be a “fashionable fashion” for walls, because the public’s first impression of PVC wall covering is its practicality.

1. The “unique” of PVC wall covering

The three-dimensional embossing and high-saturation colors produced by PVC wall covering are unmatched by traditional knitted fabric wall coverings and wallpapers. PVC wall coverings can be combined with beautiful three-dimensional patterns and colorful patterns to create a flat surface. The visual effect that the wall covering can’t reach

PVC wall coverings are rolled by rollers, which can mix different patterns, different materials, and different colors. Compared with single-material wall coverings that only make changes in patterns, PVC wall coverings can produce richer shapes and designs, so many high-end hotels will choose PVC wall coverings as wall decoration materials.


2. PVC wall covering can “keep youth forever”

The first feeling is important, but more important is how to maintain this “beauty”. In the time after the construction is completed, many wall coverings will have problems such as material aging and discoloration. Compared with other types of wall coverings, PVC wall coverings, compacted PVC calendered films can better maintain “youth”, even after a long period of use, they still have the original colorful colors and bright texture. It also has the advantages of being waterproof, antifouling, and water-cleaning

3. PVC wall covering is suitable for more scenarios

Many hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, restaurants and office buildings basically choose to use PVC wall coverings for their interior wall decoration. Some developers even sell high-end residential properties, apartment buildings, and office buildings after they are decorated with PVC wall coverings.


Post time: Oct-12-2020