Log + white space, let home embrace nature!

A home with a “log + white space” element can satisfy all your fantasies about nature.

It can not only bring people simple and pure space feeling, but also can heal the mood, help you find a long-lost comfort and peace, and create a simple, comfortable, simple and quiet life style that modern people desire but cannot seek.


Unmodified original ecological wood natural texture, rich texture, light color, elegant, exudes a plain and unvarnished natural charm. Therefore, once used in a large area at home, it is as if people are immersed in nature, and every time they return home, it will be a spiritual relaxation.


Logs basically maintain the original natural appearance, not carved, not pretentious, but there is a very special strength and tension, giving people a fresh feeling. With its unique temperature and feelings, it becomes more warm and moving in the precipitation of time, creating an extremely comfortable and quiet atmosphere.


The tone of the log is light and natural, which can be coordinated with white, gray, black and other neutral tones. The unique wood furniture and green plant ornament are placed, and then matched with a few personalized exquisite chandeliers, so that the space becomes more textured and layered.



Simple and pure logs can also be designed into wooden grilles, background walls, cabinets or bookshelf walls, which are both aesthetic and practical decoration, so that the light and elegant style that reaches the heart of the people spreads to every corner of the home, infusing a thick warmth into the space, simple and warm.




Huaxia Jie log simple wind home decoration material, choose a “win wood, the beauty of the log” characteristics of the Wuxing wood, with a unique natural log appearance, not only to solve the performance of the log material shortcomings, but also more log style choice, or deep, or shallow, or different texture, each can meet the definition of nature in your mind!



Post time: Nov-28-2022